2. Damen verlieren knapp

Second game of the season was again a home game. After having a fabulous start being up with 12-0 Belm came back in the game quickly by making it 16-17.

The second and third quarter were two quarters to forget quickly. We didn’t make our shots and therefore we lost our aggressiveness. This resulted in that we put our heads down and didn’t play basketball anymore.. the 3rd quarter ended in 30 -43.

In the 4th quarter we started to playing basketball again. We focused on our defence and from there we would attack the basket. Resulting in two 24second violations in a row for Belm. Making it an exciting game to watch again. Unfortunately we just started our run a little bit to late and loses with 50-53.

It was a game with two faces but especially on how we played in the 1 & 4 quarter we can continue to develop and grow as a team.